En sån här måste man ha. Jag snodde mallen från en annan blogg, så har jag det överstökat:
  • At the movies I like to see: 
  • The unexpected stuff I expect you don't expect I like
  • Last movie seen:
  • Music I listen to:
  • Loads of stuff. Pearl Jam is a great band and always will be. It's evolution, baby!
  • Best album right now:
  • Säkert! For sure.
  • Favorite author:
  • Dean Koontz is nice. I'm also waiting for John Ajvide Lindqvist to come out with another novel ASAP.
  • Last book read:
  • Fredrik Lindström X2, this time around times 5 or so.
  • Best game right now:
  • Day Of Defeat
  • Software I use:
  • Firefox, Miranda, Gmail mobile, Thunderbird, Paint Shop Pro 7, Winamp, Media Player Classic
  • Hardware I use:
  • BOSCH cordless drill, Victorinox SAK Swiss Champ Time keeper
  • If I won 1 million dollars, I would:
  • Do what I do, but plan differently. Boring, huh? But THEN...
  • If I were a super hero I would:
  • Still be afraid of long legged insects
  • I wish I could:
  • Be all that she needs
  • Favorite travel destination:
  • Some place adventurous
  • On my vacation I..:
  • Fall in love all over
  • Favorite sports team:
  • Sweden in any game
  • I'm passionate about:
  • Life and what it shows me or will not tell me so that I can find out for myself
  • Food I like:
  • Sausages
  • I don't like:
  • Those who knowingly do other people bad

Postat av: Åsa

Ha ha ha, jag känner igen den där listan tycker jag ;) Du får väl hänga med på en av våra Star Wars-kvällar då, jag å iibaa har ju inte direkt lika bra koll som Nisse så det skulle han säkert uppskatta =)

2007-05-24 @ 10:15:51
URL: http://my.opera.com/TheGoose/blog/

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